Affiliate Institutions

ATIG Affiliate Institutions are our partners in providing a focused study of anthropology around the world. They aid in our promotion of tourism and travel, as they are the boots on the ground in areas where we are not. Members of affiliate institutions are welcome to post announcements, calls for papers, and other news on our ATIG Facebook page. Here are a selection of our partners.

Cultural Heritage Anthropology Management People (CHAMP)

This Chicago-based organization is committed to promoting the critical study of heritage throughout the world. There are a few countries in Europe that are somewhat commonly found in Chicago’s heritage, including Poland, Ireland, Germany, and Italy. CHAMP recently sent a trip to Italy where a good chunk of the group has roots in. On our trip, we sampled all of the finest foods, visited all the landmarks, and all the other sight-seeing you might expect, but deepened it by looking into the families of each of our members that went. One of the members even managed to reconnect with his distant cousins at their winery.


Consortium of Asian-American Studies

The Consortium of Asian-American Studies focuses on, as you might assume, the culture of being Asian American. As it is obviously something exclusive to this country, hence the American, you are not going to travel the world, but you still get to experience the joy of travel by seeing how Asian communities are different around the country. In the early days of California, a lot of Chinese immigrants came to America to help build railroads, which led to strong communities being built.

That is why you see such strong Chinatowns in cities like San Francisco. This organization is interested in seeing how Asian Americans spread throughout the country.

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMS)

This group was started in the mid-90s, but has grown greatly in recent years. The focus, as in the name, is on preservation and study of monuments and sites around the world. This can include structures from older societies, like the Roman Coliseum, or even things from more present things, like the monuments being designed in the South to commemorate and remember the history of oppression and slavery.

There are a lot of different avenues to explore, all driven by the interests of the membership within the organization.


Miami Travel Society

Started by a trio in South Florida that just loved to travel, this group now organizes trips around the world. Their recent success story was arranging a trip of 20 Americans to go to North Korea to see the country. They have travelled to every continent possible and the leaders have stated that their goal is to cover every nation in the United Nations by 2022.

The organization boasts over 100 members now and has 15 trips scheduled in 2019. Their goal is to double that number in the next year and they are well on their way.