The Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group (ATIG) is a network for anthropologists and other social scientists whose research involves tourism- and travel-related phenomena.

We are organized under the auspices of the American Anthropological Association (AAA); membership in the AAA is required for full membership in ATIG. If you are already a member of the AAA, all that's necessary is to fill out our online membership form and also add ATIG to your AAA membership profile (this can be done easily on the AAA website; just log in to your member record and click "Add Interest Group" on the left). Your status as Full/Affiliate will automatically be set when you indicate whether you are a currently a member of the AAA. There are no membership dues for ATIG.

The ATIG has both a dedicated listserv and a Facebook Group, where members and friends share information, announcements and messages. Please join us on both!

If you are a member of a tourism-related research group and you would like to affiliate your group with ATIG, please click here. NOTE: for-profit tourism enterprises are not eligible to affiliate with ATIG.

The Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group (ATIG) was created in 2012 at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and formally constituted as an AAA Interest Group in 2013. As of early 2014, ATIG has over 400 members.

We envision ATIG as an international network for collaboration and exchange of ideas and research, open to all members of the AAA whose research and/or teaching involve tourism/travel. We also welcome "Affiliate Members," individuals whose work intersects with anthropological approaches to tourism/travel but who are not members of the AAA. "Affiliate Member" is a non-voting category. Neither Full nor Affiliate membership requires dues, but to be a "Full Member" you must be a member in good standing of the American Anthropological Association

The ATIG organizes 1-2 sessions each year for the annual meeting of the AAA, as well as a business meeting and reception. The schedule of events will be posted on this site and on the ATIG Facebook group. In general, the Facebook group is our primary venue for communication of our activities, member publications, and tourism/travel-related conferences, CFPs, news, and updates.

This website provides information on our members (full and affiliate), links to affiliated research organizations and listservs, Anthropology of Tourism syllabi, and photo galleries from our meetings and other events. We encourage your participation in augmenting this content; contact us with ideas or submissions.

We also encourage organizations and institutions of different types to register with us as Affiliate Institutions. Affiliation facilitates our members' awareness of your activities, which in turn can lead to collaboration and exchange.

  • Fill out the membership form
  • Indicate "Full" or "Affiliate" status by indicating whether you are currently a member of the AAA
  • Lastly... don't forget to join the ATIG Facebook group.!