The Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group (ATIG) is for all of you people out there bitten by the travel bug that want to explore the world and learn about different societies. We promote the study of anthropology and wish to offer a community for all of the great professors, researchers, and students out there that have an interest in the field.

The ATIG is a part of the American Anthropological Association and, as such, all of our members must also be members of the AAA. We want to make sure that all of our members are in good standing within the organization. The good news is that you do not have to worry about additional membership fees, as the ATIG is free to all members.

We promote community through our Facebook group, where you can find all of our events and stay tuned for any announcements we have. We are always looking for new events, so send in your suggestions.

If you are in a non profit research group related to the field of anthropology, we would love for you to affiliate with ATIG. Contact us to link up.

About ATIG

The Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group (ATIG) was created by a group of professors from the University of Virginia in 2012. At the annual meeting of the AAA, they met another group of anthropology professors from the University of Washington and they hit it off immediately. The Virginia professors returned to school reinvigorated and decided that collaboration would ma a huge difference in improving research techniques. With the help of social media and other forms of communication, they could collaborate better than ever.

The ATIG started organizing trips based on the like interests of members of the group. So far, we have gone on trips to five continents and we are trying to make sure that we visit them all. The end goal is to share our great knowledge with the world. We promote researchers by helping them find grants and building relationships to get their work published in journals. We also benefit from a strong network by reviewing each others’ work and making sure that everything is properly researched.

Our organization is spread out across the country, but we do make sure to take advantage of the annual national AAA meeting to host 1-2 sessions for our community to interact and share their findings. You can find out more about our events from our Facebook page, where we also have info on our syllabi, photo galleries and more. Contact us if you would like to join our communications team because we are looking for better ways to reach our members.

  • Fill out the membership form with all contact info
  • Indicate member status on your AAA profile
  • Join ATIG’s Facebook group


Feel free to drop us a line below!